A Swiss Bakery in The Bahamas with fresh French Bread and fantastic cakes
Shopper's Haven, Cable Beach
P.O. Box CB-12929, Nassau, Bahamas
Tel. (242) 327-5836 - Fax: (242) 327-6481

Bahamas, Nassau, Bakery, Sweet Shops. Wedding cakes
Armin Wernli
Owner/Pastry Chef

celebrate your birthday in the bahamas with a cake from the original swiss sweet shop
Weddings in the Bahamas with Armin's Wedding cake
The Original Swiss Sweet Shop makes the best
wedding cakes in Nassau. You can order them in
any size.

Make sure you call in well in advance and ask
Armin for his advice.

Here are some of the most popular cakes and pies:
Swiss Chees Cake
Black Forest Cake
Fruit Flan
Carrot Cake
Coconut Custard Pie
Apple Pie
Key Lime Pie
German Chocolate Cake
Fresh Fruit Cheese Cake
Pound Cake
Pina Colada Cake
Lemon Merengue Pie
Rum Cake
Guava Cheese Cake
Some other favorites item include:
Strawberry Tartlets
Assorted Quiches
Apple Turnover
Coconut Macaroons
Assorted Danish
Pecan/Walnut Bar
Small Assorted Pastries
Napoleon Slices
Chocolate Chips Cookies
In the bread section you find:
French Bread
Swisss Plait
White Bread
Armin Wernli's birthday cake creations on Cable Beach, Nassau
Bahamas, Nassau, Wedding cakes, bakery, chocolates
Original Swiss Sweet Shop creates fantastic cakes, chocolates, sweets and breads